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Comparision of 3-G Wireless Sites and 4-G

Wireless Systems:



Arun Kumar, 2Suman and 3Renu

Lecturer, ECE, Eiilm University, Jorethang, Sikkim

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By reviewing the two documents on 4G and 3-G, namely wifi networks: opportunities and issues by Hassan Gobjuka, Verizon, 919 concealed bridge irving, Tx 75038 and wifi network: opportunities and difficulties emphasis us to toss light within the differences involving the two networks. This task has been done in so that it will list your drawbacks and merits of these two evolutions of the networks and further to implement R& D analysis to bring out their sets off in this modern era.

Right after are done around the following Index terms: Qualifications difference, meanings, technologies improvement, speed/ price of transmitting, switching systems used, network, band size, design standards, QoS, assistance and invoicing, features and capabilities.

Keywords: RAN,







1 . Launch:

3G is also called third generation. It truly is named as a result because it is the 3rd generation in the standards of telecommunication equipment. It is also the typical technology for mobile network, passing the recent installment payments on your 5G. The technology is founded on the ITU or International Telecommunication Union band of standards which will belongs to the IMT-2000.

4G is a fourth era of cellular phone mobile marketing and sales communications standards. It is a successor with the third generation (3G) specifications. A 4G system delivers mobile ultra-broadband Internet access.


Arun Kumar et approach

2 . History difference:

In 3g technology which is based on the ITU or International Telecommunication Union group of a standard which is one of the IMT-2000 make use of W-CDMA technology. It permits operators to provide users a larger range of the newest services, mainly because it gets larger network capacity via increased spectral efficiency. The included services will be video phone calls, wide-area wireless voice telephone and high speed wireless details all included within the mobile phone environment. While 4G technology which was began within cable tv industry last year which make users to explore fresh downloading rates of speed and capacities. The utilization of LTE special broadband technology is an opportunity intended for the corporation to expand their horizons in 4G area, upstaging current 3G features. The necessity pertaining to 4G sites is associated with the increased usage of data websites such as You Tube and Facebook, which require tremendous bandwidth in order to be used effectively. 2 . you 3G is short for 3rd technology while 4G stands for next generation: 3-G is currently the world's finest connection approach when it comes to cell phones, and especially cellular Internet. 3-G stands for 3 rd generation since it is merely that regarding the major path from the mobile phone industry. 4G means 4th technology. This is a couple of standard that is being developed as a foreseeable future successor of 3G inside the very near future.

Architectural big difference: both the Characters below give you the key aspects of these two architectures.

Fig: one particular 3G architechture

Several crucial differences in a LTE network enable more flexibility in the architecture than in a 3-G. A functional manifestation of 3-G network architecture is shown in Determine 1 . From this network, the Base Terminal Stop (BTS)/NodeBs combination the radio gain access to network (RAN) traffic and transport it over a mobile

Comparision of 3G Wireless Networks and 4G Wireless Networks:

three or more

backhaul network to the Radio Network Controllers (RNCs)/Base Station Controller (BSCs). Typically this kind of transport is now over T1/E1 water piping facilities. In the event fiber is available at or perhaps near the cellular site, then your cell visitors is transferred...

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