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Rajini Truths

None a joke, nor a myth…. just the ordinary TRUTH

* The skyscrapers that people see today....... were the toys of Rajinikanth when he was a kid!! * RAJINI friend is so rich that he donates 0. 01% of his put in to KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) every year! * Rajinikanth once hit a crickinfo ball very difficult. The ball hit a building. It is now known as Leaning Tower of Pisa! 5. Rajnikanth once lost his marbles it is now called The Solar System! 2. Isaac Newton proved F=ma i. elizabeth. mass back button acceleration.... Rajinikanth also proven F=MA we. e. power in movies = mass x action: D 5. Bill Entrance Uses ''Rajnikanth'' As Operating System!

5. Once Rajinikanth was very thirsty. He took the straw and went to the river - now that place is called Rajasthan! * Rajini doesn't go to the blood traditional bank to contribute blood -- he MMS's it over! 5. Once a gentleman asked Rajinikanth for some funds. Rajinikanth paid his finances to him. Today the man is known as Anil Ambani!!!!!!!!! 5. Only Rajinikanth can get an argument which has a woman!!

* Rajinikanth purchased a road tool... Guess why?????? To straightener his garments!!! * Rajinikanth once constructed himself a personal bathtub............ Now it is called the 'PACIFIC OCEAN' * When, when Rajini sir was obviously a child, he built a dome with white LEGOs......... Now, it really is known as the TAJ MAHAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. Rajini once taught a man English......... Now that man is referred to as William Shakespeare!!!!!!!!! 2. Rajini is aware the value of X!

5. Once Rajinikanth taught a youngster how to available a door without buzzing the bell. Today that child is referred to as CID inspector DAYA. 2. Rajini doesn't need hydrant. Hydrogen and Oxygen mix at the sight of him and develop water when he would like * What came initial chicken or perhaps Egg? Rajini can solution it as they made both! * You will find only two things that can minimize diamonds: various other diamonds, and Rajinikanth. 5. Nagasaki hardly ever had a bomb dropped upon it. Rajinikanth hopped out of the plane and punched...

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