Aviation Regulation Essay

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An agency from the U. S i9000. government is conducting research and experimentation on methods for detecting airframe ice and conveying the information to the airline flight crew within a useful format. What company would be responsible for such testing? If that research and experimentation leads to a new technology, what agency of the U. S. federal government would establish the airworthiness standards pertaining to incorporating that technology into U. H. civil airplane? Question you Answer

In respect to Edinburgh (2011), " The FAA does simply no basic research in aircraft and flight system technologies, these types of being within NASA's area of research responsibility” (p. 16). When 1 hears the name NASA, they just think about their involvement in space search, but NASA is also undertaking research and development in aerodynamics and aviation technology which led to better air travel control and deicing systems (Hamilton, 2011, pp. 17-18). Although NASA is responsible for these technological developments, they have to survey all results to the FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION to get the improvements incorporated during a call. If the studies are considered an issue that could affect flight safety, the FAA will issue a great Airworthiness Enquete (AD). In accordance to Edinburgh (2011), " An AD is usually issued when functioning and repair experience shows the need to transform some component of the design or perhaps fabrication of the particular type of aircraft or perhaps component to improve flight safety” (p. 9). Question 2

Why did the nations, represented on the 1944 Chicago, il Convention, not agree to the " five freedoms with the air" then simply proposed by the United States? If a similar conference were held today, do you think the international community would take those same location? Why? Problem 2 Solution

The proposal was not agreed upon because additional nations sensed the United States will dominate intercontinental air travel after the war (Hamilton, 2011, s. 26). The us had cultivated through the war years. They had more aeroplanes, more educated personnel,...

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