Business Proposal Essay

Business Pitch - Jones Money Services, Inc. Circumstance

Reginald G. Jackson, Sr.


October 29, 2012

Susan McMaster

Business Proposal - Thomas Money Assistance, Inc. Circumstance

The following pages will go over the additional of Jones Money Assistance, Inc., Upcoming Growth Inc. (FGI). It will probably be presented as being a business proposal with an emphasis on merchandise differentiation, increasing revenue, and maximizing earnings. As there may be an absence of historical data, a large number of assumptions should be made. Although the scenario demonstrates 2007 as the time period, each of our current economic condition even now presents challenging for many companies. These elements will also be considered. FGI is usually involved in monopolistic competition. Provided the within competition and minimize in market share, they face a number of crucial decisions. Like a manufacturer of construction and forestry tools, demand for their products is motivated from several angles. Predicting market changes is the key to capitalizing on the ebb and flow with the market. Unless of course a successful market strategy is defined, remaining competitive could possibly be a constant struggle. FGI Business Proposal (Abbreviated)


FGI is an established manufacturer of construction and forestry equipment. The company's standing is one of strength and longevity. Despite the economy's recent depressing track record, FGI intends to " weather condition the storm” just as it is often able to survive through these kinds of last few years. Although there are many other companies within the industry, it is somewhat a niche' market because there is a particular need for the merchandise collection. Our competition, monopolistic in nature, is located not only in the us but covers the globe as well. Becoming a more powerful player in the global marketplace is not our primary focus at this time. Instead, partnering with loyal home clients has seen a modest, however consistent boost for the last two quarters. As a result, our market strategy is targeted on setting FGI apart from...

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