Community Evaluation Essay

Community Evaluation

The term of my personal community is Buchanan State, Va. The total size of the region is approximately 504 square yards. (" County Date, " " d. d. ”) The region was named after James Buchanan the fifteenth President of the United States. The approximate number of families in the neighborhood according to the U. S. Census is 6th, 866. (" Population, " 2010, ) Buchanan State is a home type of community. Buchanan County is a community with people who have been here by generation to generation. The community is a very family oriented community. Families are incredibly close and always lived here all their lifestyle in this part of Virginia through this small enjoyable community. Virtually all houses in Buchanan Region, VA happen to be privately possessed. Rental homes are of plenty in Buchanan. They are even more trailers parks that are occupied and rented than local rental houses. Almost all of the trailer leisure areas and rental houses happen to be in poor condition a lot of independently owned houses are be well protected. There's maybe approximately 200ft in some areas between neighbours. The typical associated with homes is definitely 10-30 yr. old homes. Buchanan Region has no neighborhoods per driving thru the community. The population of the community is just as follows: Infants as of 2007 where 203(" Public records infants, " 2007). The number of young children are 149 which is 3%, Kindergarten 174 and a few. 5%, grades 1-8 which is 2, 089 and is 40. 3%, levels 9-12 which is 1, 132 and is twenty-two. 9%. (" county evaluation, " 2011). Fifteen years and over marital status is as follows total is 22, 457 (100%) of this grow older population, never married some, 069 (18. 1%), at this point married 13, 265 (63. 5%), separated 641 (2. 9%),, divorced 1, 595 (7. 1%), ages 30-34 is 1, 418 (5. 9%), age range 50-54 is definitely 2, 086 (8. 7%), ages 85 and over can be 308 (1. 3%), and widowed you, 887 (8. 4%). (" census 2010, " 2010)

There are 10 community schools and 1 exclusive in the region which are as follows Twin Area Elementary/Middle College which is located in the Oakwood, VA area which is from PK-7 quality and has approximately 417 children receiving an education, Dual Valley High School which is located in the Pilgrims Knob, SE TILL ATT DU AR area which is from 8-12 grade and has about 286 children receiving a college degree, Grundy High school graduation which is positioned in Grundy, SE TILL ATT DU AR which is via 9-12 level and features approximately 472 children getting an education, Hurley High School which can be located in Hurley, VA which can be from 8-12 grade and has around 257 children receiving a college degree, Haysi Secondary school which is positioned in Haysi, VETERANS ADMINISTRATION which is via 9-12 level and has approximately 284 children obtaining an education, Hurley Middle College which is situated in Hurley, VIRTUAL ASSISTANT which is via PK-7 quality and provides approximately 419 children getting an education, Council Elementary/Middle College which is situated in Council, VETERANS ADMINISTRATION which is via PK-7 quality and provides approximately 217 children obtaining an education, Russell Prater Elementary School which is found in Vansant, VIRTUAL ASSISTANT which is by PK-5 quality and has approximately 116 children obtaining an education, Riverview Elementary School which is located in Grundy, VA which is from PK-8 grade and has around 921 kids receiving a college degree, JM Bevin's which is positioned in Grundy, SE TILL ATT DU AR which is from K-5 grade and features approximately 132 children obtaining an education, and Mountain mission is a non-public school positioned in Grundy, VIRTUAL ASSISTANT which is coming from PK-12 level and has approximately 259 children obtaining an education. (" Schools, " 2011) For the best of my personal knowledge We don't believe that we have almost any daycare facilities. Buchanan County has a within the program in the community. Almost every college has a Pre-k program. There is a public Library located in Grundy, Va. There is also a vocational center at Grundy, VA too. There are several forms of higher education, Southwest Virginia Community College at Richland's, VIRTUAL ASSISTANT, Appalachian College or university of Chemist in Oakwood, VA, and Appalachian University of Regulation in Grundy, Va. As of 2007 there have been 125 voters in...

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