Crucible Essay: John Proctor

There is a quotation by a mystery author that states, " Pride is actually a personal determination. It is an frame of mind which separates excellence by mediocrity. ” Now this may not apply to every single example of a proud person; however , that directly is applicable to John Proctor. In the enjoy " The Crucible” by Arthur Burns, John Proctor, a well-respected farmer, can be confronted with a horrible decision also because of his pride chooses to keep his reputation although saving the innocent; unfortunately this is the ultimate cause of his demise.

Because of the pride John Proctor has, it is hard for him to ground his name. For instance , when becoming coerced in confessing and Judge Danforth asks him to name other people, he exclaims, " We am Steve Proctor, you do not use me! ” (143). The fierceness in John's expression is most apparent when ever his name can be threatened due to shame this individual fears will abide by his croyance and the accusing of his friends. His conscience as well as the disappointing looks from his friends have the strength to tear him apart mentally and eventually actually because the harm to his body is a reflection with the war strong inside his mind. Second, when Proctor's wife confronts him regarding his earlier affair, he bellows, " no more! I should have roared you down when 1st you told me your suspicion” (55). With any danger to his character, David Proctor happens up a defense that no one can penetrate. Sadly, his amore-propre is so, it creates a drawback which is in the base of any figure, and that is the cabability to be very humble and consider criticism. John's disability regarding this is proven with the chastising of his wife. Through and through John shows what several may contact arrogance or stubbornness nevertheless the manner in which he expresses the trait shows how he is an professional man and upholds his repute.

When it comes to keeping the falsely accused out from the gallows, John Proctor would go to many extent. For instance, after his better half is busted for witchcraft...

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