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3. How much does this idea from Fast Company indicate: " The job of the CIO is to give organisational and strategic flexibility”?

Ans: Business office of the CIO in support of the campus large IT method: • Communications• Financial Planning• Project Management• Security, Personal privacy and Insurance plan s. Assistance Strategic Technology AcquisitionSome of these services correspond to departments in the Office of the CIO, but they are shown here since services to the campus IT community rather than as organizational unit. Considering that the Respondents stated they would have to be more linked to vision setting, organizational approach and connection, in addition to the suggestions they provide for the business upon technology, the CIOs deemed application development and the usage as potential areas intended for cost savings, while intellect and stats were not considered as important. And believe that application development and integration are still significant parts of focus for achieving price reductions and securing general value. Yet , Knowledge, intelligence and analytics, on the other hand, are generally not considered priorities. According these types of, the CIOs of Fast Company suggested the business technique and organizational strategy and declares that the job with the CIO should be to provide company and ideal flexibility.

6. Cisco Devices has a network of component suppliers, suppliers, and agreement manufacturers that are linked through Cisco's extranet. When a buyer orders a Cisco item at Cisco's Web site, the order triggers contracts to manufacturers of printed circuit board assemblies when ideal and notifications distributors and component suppliers. Cisco's contract manufacturers are aware of the buy because they can log on to Cisco's extranet and link up with Cisco's own manufacturing setup systems. Precisely what are the advantages of Cisco's strategic alliances? Performs this Cisco model demonstrate SCM? Why or why not?

ANS: Cisco is usually linked by way of its extranet to contract...

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