Essay upon Environmental Issue


Subject: Environmental Science

Space: Prasat Keo

Time: a couple of: 00 – 3: 30

Day: Tues – Thur

Group quantity: 03

Group member: Khuem Bopha

Lim Huykheng

Chea Dalin

Chan Sokhawatey

Total Tola

Phin Sreypov


1 . Describe why finding solution to environmental problems is indeed difficult. Do you consider it has been as complicated?

2 . Explain what is supposed by a great ecosystem way of environmental problem solving. Is this the ideal approach?

several. List two key environmental issues for every single of the following regions: the wilderness, the agricultural central, the forested West, the dry West, the Great Wetlands and industrial Northeast, plus the South. How are the issues changing?

4. Define environment and ecosystem and offer examples of these terms from your region.

your five. Describe just how environmental comflicts are settled.

6. Decide on a local environmental issue and write a short essay offering all sides of problem, Is there a solution to this problem?


1 ) One of the reasons that finding strategies to environmental challenges is so difficult is that since there are so many of which, a lot of things that we do to help one simply negatively influences another. To get an example where we want to placed in a solar energy field in order to lessen our dependence on non-renewable fuels. This requires us to possibly clear a place of terrain (affecting the condition with deforestation and environment loss) or perhaps find a large open discipline (which might have been used for an additional purpose and negatively impacts its ecosystem). There are merely so many complications and alternatives, but right now there aren't enough resources to do them, or perhaps we are damaging another region by fixing one problem.

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