Case Study of Behavorism and How It Results the Development of Kids Essay

John Watson

Psyc 210

Suzanne Peniche

Case Study

After scanning this case study and searching at the information concerning this example, I would absolutely have to uphold and accept the law in its decision that children under 7 years older are not held accountable for offences. For example , this case study discusses a 6 year old young man who shot his classmate in the school library. Government bodies learned that the classmates a new scuffle inside the playground the day before. After the boy locations his classmate, he includes the gun down which is later located hiding in a corner by the school regulators. Finally, while the boy is waiting for the authorities to show up, he is at the office drawing steadly. This scary action from the boy following he provides shot an individual in cool blood, if it was a mistake or certainly not, begins to support the basic principle of the legislation that kids under six years old are certainly not held responsible pertaining to crimes. When you begin to look at the development of children both equally physically and mentally, there are several developmental hypotheses that describe the different operations of child advancement but the one particular grand theory that sticks out the most with this situation is usually Behaviorism. In accordance to Patre (2007), behaviorism is a grand theory of human advancement that research observable tendencies. It is also referred to as learning theory because it explains the laws and procedures by which actions are learned (Berger, 2007). Steve Watson was one of the first learning advocates that truly believed that anything could be learned. Watson once explained: Give me a dozen infants, well-formed and in my world to make them up in and Items guarantee to consider anyone at random and coach him to get any type of specialist I might select-doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant key, and yes even beggar-man and robber, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race. (Berger, 2007, g. 38) Watson, along with other learning theorist such as Ivan Pavlov and M. F. Skinner,...

References: Patre, K. S. (2007). The Developing Person through the Life, 7th Edition. New York: Catherine Woods.

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