Fitness Lifestyle JournalName Sept. 2010 Essay


Fitness Life-style Journal

Brand: Caroline Pomet

Date: Sept. 2010 2, 201


02. 05 Exercise Test

Be sure to save a copy of this page. You will need this in 6th. 05!

Identity Caroline Pomet

Date of testing: Sept, 2014

02. 04 Body system Mass Index: 21. your five Waist Way of measuring (inches): 5'4

1 . Examine the chart to get the standard for your age and record that in the 1st column. 2 . Have your partner record the scores inside the second line. 3. Read the fitness evaluation in installment payments on your 07; record your goals to get the end of the course. four. Answer the reflection questions.

5. Complete the data, attach inside the assessment region, and send to your trainer.

Fitness Check

Standard to get

Your Age


Goal intended for

End certainly

Mile Run

10: 40

9: 10

Run a mile in ten and a half minutes


twenty-five cm


Be able to reach 30 cm




Manage to do 60 curl ups often





Enhance my range of pull ups and pushups to twelve and 55


1 . According to the graph and or chart comparing BODY MASS INDEX and stomach measurement to disease risk, are you underweight, normal, overweight, obesity My spouse and i, obesity 2, or weight problems III? regular

2 . How can practicing the mile manage help you with your present physical activities? It can provide myself with more endurance as well as assist lose weight.

three or more. How will rehearsing the stay and reach help you with your current physical activities? It will help my reach when I golf swing for the ball inside my sport.

four. In what ways can daily curl-ups provide you with your current activities? It will strengthen my abs and allow me personally to push personally more.

5. How can doing push-ups assist your current physical activities? It will give me more provide strength when you are performing physical activities.

02. 06 Buying Stress Free Life-style

Record virtually any stressors you checked certainly for listing them from easiest to hardest to change. Keep everything inside

Inflate about a lot of things

Make an effort to do a great deal by myself

Two changes to work with now:

This date: September 3, 2014

1 . enable myself approach people about my concerns

2 . work with broadening my abilities and work with other folks

Two changes to work on three weeks via today's day:

Beginning time for these: September 17, 2014

1 . Be patient and think just before I act

2 . Make it a priority each day to have some sort of relaxation

Two changes to work with six weeks from the above date:

Beginning date for the: October 30, 2014

1 . continue to seek high goals and have things work towards

installment payments on your make sure im doing what I love day-to-day

Two changes to work on eight weeks from the above date:

Starting date for people: December 31, 2014

1 . exercise and eat very well every day in order to be stress free

2 . don't stuff off on whatever I do

Continue to work with these improvements for the rest of your daily life. Make them a life-style choice.

2 . 07 Workout goals

Name Caroline Pomet Time September 3, 2014

Make the information in Module Two to finish your Fitness Lifestyle Design. Once accomplished, post a duplicate for your use and submit a duplicate to your teacher in the Analysis Area.

02. 02 Nutritional Analysis

Now: My spouse and i drink regarding one water a day.

3-week goal: I will drink almost 8 oz . of water after i wake up and before I go to bed. 6-week goal: I will drink two cups of water just before each meals. 9-week objective: I will develop a time plan to drink enough water during the day. End goal: Let me come up with a period schedule to imbibe enough water throughout the day. 02. 03 Activity Time

Right now: I at this time am active for two several hours 5 times a week.

3-week goal: reduce it to three days but with harder workouts 6-week goal: execute a different type of activity daily and maybe a fairly easy workout on the fourth...

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