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ince it was one of the main trading nations, France had to raise most of its taxes revenue inside, rather than through customs charges. Taxes in commerce contained internal tariffs among the areas of France. This set up an arbitrary tax-barrier (sometimes, as with Paris, in physical form) at every local boundary, and these barriers prevented Portugal from producing as a specific market. Selections of income taxes, such as the extremely unpopular sodium tax, the gabelle, had been contracted to private collectors (" duty farmers" ), who, just like all maqui berry farmers, preoccupied themselves with producing their loge grow. So , they collected, quite legitimately, far more than required, remitted the tax to the Condition, and pocketed the remainder. These types of unwieldy devices led to arbitrary and bumpy collection of France's consumption income taxes. (See also Wall of the Farmers-General, Jean Chouan, Octroi, Claude Nicolas Ledoux, as well as the Indian salt tax. )

Hôtel entre ma gabelle (House of the Salt Tax) in Bernay, Eure, Upper Normandy, built in 1750 by Bréant and Ange-Jacques Gabriel. Peasants were also needed to pay a tenth of their income or perhaps produce towards the church (the tithe), a land taxes to the point out (the taille), a 5% property tax (the vingtième), and a tax around the number of people in the family (capitation). Further regal and seigneurial obligations could be paid in several ways: in labor (the corvée), in kind, or, rarely, in coin. Cowboys were also obliged to their homeowners for: rent in funds (the cens), a payment related to their amount of annual development (the champart), and income taxes on the use of the nobles' mills, wine-presses, and bakeries (the banalités). In happy times, the taxes were tiring; in severe times, these were devastating. After having a less-than-fulsome collect, people could starve to death throughout the winter. A large number of tax hobbyists and other open public officials bought their positions from the king, sometimes by using an annual basis, sometimes in perpetuity. Often an additional fee was...

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