Cardiovascular System: Bloodstream Essay

Heart: Blood

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Explain how come you do this lab and imagine if any safety precautions needed to be adopted.

For this laboratory I had to prick my own finger, in that case with the bleach solution I had fashioned to apply it and after that carefully drop the blood for the slide. Once I was done I had to take the second glide and smear the blood. I had fashioned to let the slide dried. Then I was required to prick my personal finger once again and generate 3 even more slides. Then I had to blend the substance with a toothpick and then appearance under with the microscope.

Because I had to prick my own finger I had developed to make sure the pin was cleaned with alcohol and burned, then I rubbed a great alcohol clean on my ring finger. I ensured the slideshow were also clean. I didn't allow one to touch my personal slides, and i also soaked them in lighten before cleaning them.

Exercise 1: Watching Your Personal Blood


Sketch and describe the things you saw for the prepared slip of human being blood:

I truly couldn't find much of anything on my prepared slide of human bloodstream, it was only full of a lot of pink dots/cells which were as well not very vibrant.

Sketch and describe everything you saw for the blood smear slide making use of your own blood:

Much like the first this bloodstream had a couple of dots and blobs My spouse and i couldn't identify. However this one was a lot more vivid and i also could view the outline in the cells.


What are the components of blood vessels?

Blood provides several pieces, it is made from red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.

What is the function of red blood?

Red blood cells bring oxygen and hemoglobin through the entire body, which helps the entire body preform homeostasis.

List the five types of leukocytes and illustrate the function of each.

Neutrophils- These leukocytes find bacteria/infection in the body and kill it.

Monocytes- These leukocytes guard the immune system, support...

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