investigating membranes Essay


How temperature influences membranes: investigating the effect temp has on Beta vulgaris walls when immersed in a range of different temperatures for just one minute.

Background Information

A cellular membrane comprises of a phospholipid bilayer produced by phospholipids that have a hydrophilic mind and a hydrophobic end. The phospholipids arrange themselves in order that the heads are exposed to water as well as the tails are certainly not thus building the bilayer. When the temp increases molecules gain kinetic energy vibrating faster and water extends which problems the membrane. Furthermore with heat fats become more substance making the membrane fragile. In beetroot when the membrane layer is destroyed, the red pigment it has is released.



INDEPENDENT VARIABLETemperatureDegrees Celsius (В°C)20В°C, 30В°C, 40В°C, 50В°C, 60В°C, 70В°C and 80В°C DEPENDANT VARIABLEEffect of temperature on Beetroot membrane//


Area areamillimetres cubed (mm3)May affect the rate of which the reddish colored pigment in the beetroot appear The color that comes out of the broken cells if the discs are cut/May effect the outcomes as the pigment can be not caused by the membranes being broken by the temp but mainly because they have been slice Amount of distilled water in the test tube Millilitres (ml)If the quantity is different the results probably would not be fair and will not give the correct conclusion TimeMinutes (min)Results may not be reasonable and will not give a accurate conclusion

Technique of Controlling Variables


Surface areaEvery beetroot compact disk will be lower three millimetres thick utilizing a ruler pertaining to measurement The pigment that comes out of the damaged cellular material when the disks are cutThe cut beetroot discs will be rinsed carefully making sure that the pigment can be washed away Amount of distilled normal water in the evaluation tubeBy by using a measuring cylinder six millilitres of...

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