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Learning troubles in British: Diagnosis and

pedagogy in Saudi Arabia

Intakhab Alam Khan

King AbdulAziz University Community College, Jeddah-Saudi Arabia E-mail: dr . [email protected] com

Recognized 01 Come july 1st, 2011

Teaching of English as a Foreign Language is always a challenging activity. English in Saudi Arabia will serve a very limited purpose. But, it is very important intended for social along with technological advancement. Therefore , The english language language teaching in this nation in particular catches attention of numerous researchers. Educating of The english language in Saudi starts on the school level. Despite good overall organizing, purposive program, integrated textbooks, qualified professors, achievement is usually below the anticipations. Therefore , analysis studies should certainly better end up being undertaken in various language areas and expertise so that the instructor may know the types in the problems as well as the corresponding elements. Such attempts are expected being helpful in possible evolution of some productive and appropriate strategies to be able to yield the maximum academic output. Pedagogues will vary views relating to English Vocabulary Teaching which can occasionally involve translation by First vocabulary to the focus on language and vice versa. On the other hand, the idea of Franche approach to Language Teaching (CALT) is also significant in order to target the skills. However , Bilingual procedure can also be used as an alternative strategy. Keywords: EFL (English as a overseas language), ELT (English Dialect Teaching), diagnostic studies, Pedagogues, CALT (Communicative Approach to Terminology Teaching), tactics. INTRODUCTION

English language is the 'Lingua Franca' of the world. With the

technological revolution and e-learning system English

Vocabulary has emerged as one of the planet's most

crucial tools of formal interaction in the present

cyber and modern world. A very important basis for

considering British as a global language is that the

world's understanding is usually stored in The english language. It is a

modern and fashionable language so a lot of people use it.

Therefore, English is considered the most preferred language even inside the

regions where local terminology is supposed to be as

crucial as the lifestyle. But , in terms of the link

dialect issue, it truly is English that deals with the problems of

combination cultural connection.

Teaching of English as being a foreign language is often

difficult. When it comes to the places where English

provides a very limited purpose, it is more important

and painstaking to teach and learn. Teaching of English

language in the Gulf region on the whole and Saudi Arabia

in particular draws attention of numerous researchers and

scholars particularly when the issue is especially related

for the classroom scenarios.

Teaching of English at most of the technical colleges of

Arab saudi serves two purposes: initial, it tones up

the foundation of English sometime later it was lays the basis for

Certain English which will be used in the many years movement of the

students' specialties such as business, wellness, computers

and so forth English teaching is trained even in the school levels,

but it will not enjoy all the important part in the

subjects as in a great many other developing countries.

Despite a sound preparing, purposive subjects,

suitable textbooks, qualified teachers and successful

administration, the teaching-learning process sometimes

appears to be ineffective especially the case of skill

expansion is not found since satisfactory since it should be.

From this connection, a study may be proved to be

quite beneficial towards finding out the actual causes, and

development of several fruitful and compatible strategies of

teaching British as a foreign language. It is usually

assumed that the poor result in The english language is mainly as a result of

the traditional way of teaching of...

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