Essay about Mcdonalds Swot

Analysis of McDonald's fast food restaurants


-Strong name brand, image and reputation: McDonald's is the #1 fast food cafe by revenue with more than 23, 000 restaurants serving burgers and french fries in almost 120 countries. -technology: McDonald's in Brazil is currently learning the installation of internet access terminals in some outlets and enabling buyers to purchase online, this will reduce the waiting time between a customer's requests and grab of buy. -Marketing Strategies: Adults and children coming from all over the world know that Ronald McDonald is the deal with of restaurant chain. The moment costumers consider fast food they think about McDonald's first. -Focus on costumers: McDonald's restaurant has a strategy that they call up " INTEND TO WIN” the five components of this plan to win happen to be PEOPLE, ITEMS, PLACE, SELLING PRICE and CAMPAIGN. This Plan, coupled with financial self-control, has provided strong results for provider's shareholders. -Great training Approaches: McDonald's is extremely serious upon training managers. They have its own program to coach managers one of the most professionally, which is called Hamburger School (the closes one to Amanecer Il. Is found in Oakbrook Il. ) Therefore they have various good managers who can support company development well. WEAK POINTS

-Unhealthy meals image: McDonald's has been impacted by negative press like the documentary " Supersize Me” through which they blame the restaurant of causing obesity inside our society. -Competition: McDonald's needs to compete with a large number of strong name brand in take out industry just like Burger King and Wendy's. -Legal Action: McDonald's has been involved in a number of law suits and other legal cases in this time. McDonald's force many others cafe, company of just a restaurant to change their particular brand name as a result of keeping MC letters. -Dissatisfied Franchisees: They are beginning to turn into very disappointed with the costs that McDonald's are driving them to pay for using their well known...

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