Pendulum Summertime Project Composition

Summer 2012 Project to get AP Physics at Rialto HS


(this dastardly curve from doggie day blues devised by Mr. Timothy Bacon, refer your questions to [email protected] k12. ca. us[-> 0])


Summer holiday has long been linked to sleeping in, lazy days by the pool area, hanging out with good friends, learning the vocabulary of harmonic motion, constructing tacky experiments, and graphing data. Summer 2012 will be the same. First, I would like you to examine 3 internet pages on the net (Step 1 in " Procedure” below). Then, I need you to print out a worksheet from the internet (Step 2). You are to apply what you learned from studying by completing the 29 boxes around the worksheet with as many accurate answers as you can. Research in additional terminology may be necessary (for example, what is a great " 3rd party variable”? ) Next, I need you to apply what you learned from studying by making a simple try things out where you will cautiously record measurements of size and time. You will also require a picture of you with your experiment (Step 19) You will then use your details to construct a graph (Step 21)

Finally, you will get suggestions about the results of the experiment, and set the webpages of your accomplished report inside the correct buy. Since this is known as a summer project, you in order to bring your completed survey with you within the first time of school.


a) At least 5 with the 7 web pages turned in in time (first school meeting): six points b) Report turned in complete (all 7 webpages at the same time)7 points c) Data in Table one particular and Desk 2 will be unique, full, and correct30 points d) The doze questions on Page 1 and Page a couple of are total and correct: doze points e) The Graph on Page 3 has a subject, labeled responsable, and is plotted correctly: 8 points f) The picture on-page 4 complies with the requirements of Step 197 points g) The answers on the worksheet (Pages 5, 6, 7) are finish and correct29 points


1)Begin by reading 3 web pages on the net that I possess selected to suit your needs. In particular, pay attention to the meaning in the following symbols – To, g, and l – and the meanings of the terms " velocity of gravity”, " amplitude”, " length of a pendulum”, " period”, and " simple pendulum”

For this Wikipedia page, browse 1, 6th, 6. you, and six. 2 inside the " Contents”: 2)The link listed below takes you into a worksheet. At the very top right is a " Printing device Friendly Version”, click presently there and then print it. You will find 29 bins where answers should be registered; you should be capable to figure out almost all of the answers effectively; incorrect email address details are – ½ point, lacking answers are -1 point. For me personally, this worksheet prints since 3 web pages; it is Internet pages 5, 6th, and six of your project.

3)Gather the 9 items classified by a-i the following (make just about every effort to borrow the things you don't have instead of spending money): a) regarding 10 foot of light chain (thread, sportfishing line, oral floss, etc . ) b) thumbtack or push-pin or perhaps tape with good backing, c) a few ounces of weight that could be tied/attached to the string (examples: car tips, Christmas woods ornament, padlock, anything small and dense), d) strapping measure, e) stopwatch that measures a chance to the nearest tenth of a second (0. 1 sec) or hundredth of your second (0. 01 sec); almost all cell phones have this within a tool or app, f) a seat or step-stool that is secure for you to stand on to touch a ceiling, g) scissors, h) camera (cell telephone OK, although picture will need to forwarded to someone's email account so it can be printed), i) chart paper (or you can plan your bought pairs and print your graph for, select " line graph”)...

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