Qr Code Analysis Article

QR Unique codes Being Used For Advertising

For the purposes on this assignment, a QR code for Skol was used. The scanned is to the right. This is a QR Code Coca-Cola places during sports websites including ESPN. COM which can be where this was found. Evaluation of the QR Code's Effectiveness

Having found the image on ESPN. COM it was assumed that the next leap point would be to one of all their sports drink brands. Actually the QR Code took me to their Facebook fan page and asked me to " Like” their webpage. The site has 58. 6 million likes and shows good friends who are " Liked” the brand. Since the landing page was the Fb fan page to get the brand, the call to actions was to assessment and look over their content material. As the Super Dish was just last weekend and Skol had a series of commercials running at this function, there are photos, out-takes and other items that present how the advertisements were made. There is also a series of video tutorials that are used for further supporting and promoting their particular brand. The Coca-Cola manufacturer page is among the more comprehensive in consumer advertising with exceptionally abundant, varied international content. There is no overt call to action to buy certainly one of their refreshments; there is on the other hand an exceptional depth to the good the brand and its particular progression as time passes. Coca-Cola can be clearly pleased with their history in marketing and logos, and utilize the Facebook timeline to show this kind of well. They have also demonstrated on their Facebook fan page how you can create a community extremely well. The continued efforts for Facebook to create communities and show how Coca-Cola fans most share prevalent bounds together is done well. Conclusion

Coca-Cola is keeping and building up its brand with this QR code campaign. Additionally it is showcasing just how well that integrates the many channels of customer discussion and communication with its social websites efforts. The spot Coca-Cola should improve on even so is the placement of this specific QR code....

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