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Goal: Fixing the debt crisis in Greece.


Central Idea: American officials exhorted their very own European counterparts to use Europe's own methods to try to solve the crisis.

Preview: Echoing past assertions, Sarkozy and Merkel stated banks should first increase money from the private sector before searching for state aid or cash from the EUROPEAN bailout finance. " Problems must become resolved, " Merkel explained. " It's a painful procedure. " Sarkozy stressed the leaders happen to be fully aware about their tasks, saying they have a " meaningful, political and economical obligation" to act decisively. The leaders are also taking care of how best to leverage the European Financial Stableness Facility. The €440 billion dollars fund, that was recently granted the power to intervene in sovereign debt markets and give loans intended for governments that want to recapitalize banks, is widely seen as needing extra firepower. " It's important to increase the emergency pay for to protect the euro, " said Merkel. But many EUROPEAN UNION governments have ruled out backing up the fund up with extra loan ensures.

CANNES, England — President Obama plunged Thursday in to the fast-moving European personal debt crisis, coming here to exhort Western leaders to get their economic house as a way.

But while the director hustled by meeting to meeting with universe leaders, he was in many ways thrust into the rare position of bystander, since the unfolding drama over whether the Greek government would fall (it did not) and whetherВ GreeceВ would back the comprehensive accord to safeguard the euro reached last week (it is going to, at least for now) dominated interactions in the hallways and convention rooms throughout this well-known seaside town. The grand Espace Costa is more used to red-carpet arrivals by celebrities and hangers-on for theВ Cannes Film Festival; on Thursday night it was changed instead in to ground absolutely no for blue-suited bureaucrats grappling with a financial meltdown and the global contagion which it threatened....

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