Stanford Prison Study Study Paper

Dylan Kerbs

Psych& 100



Stanford Prison Examine

The Stanford Prison Analyze I believe was obviously a very interesting try things out, but concurrently was extremely cruel and harmful to the students that took part in the experiment. I thought that it was very interesting about how they messed with the prisoners heads by shaving their heads, adding the string around all their feet, and giving them amounts to respond to. Even though it was kind terrible it was kind of cool to see all of the several mind online games that came coming from putting the prisoners through this kind of research.

The pads did several different procedures produce the prisoners feel worried or to fear the protects. Like I use already explained they provided the prisoners numbers and referred to these people as the number of the whole period during the test. Another technique they would value to scare the prisoners is definitely they would put chains about their ankles. This would try to symbolize the prisoners could never break free from staying locked up, even when these people were sleeping.

I think it really is kind of hard to informing what kind of guard you'd be better with without being placed into that scenario. I feel similar to most of everyone will tell themselves that yeah im gonna be a very good guard, nevertheless everyone is practicing like the Fascista camps had been doing what do you really think that you are going to perform. Its human nature to go with the flow, not many people have the skill to stand up against a group of people and commence doing their own thing.

I like to tell me personally that I was a pretty strong individual and would be able to go through something like this. I am aware it would be quite hard but I think if you stay strong in your thoughts then you can overcome much of the things that they can would be adding you through.

I think which our generations of kids are a lot weaker then kids through the early sixties. They children have gone through a lot being a generation, and I believe that they will stick through things considerably longer. I...

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