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Obtaining Customer Loyalty! The Role of Buyer Attitude

and Consumer Behavior


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Around the globe every organization and revenue earning company want to make their particular consumer devoted. There are many elements responsible for this kind of customer dedication but two of them are prominent. This study is focused in that how customer satisfaction and customer preservation contribute towards customer devotion. For examination part of this kind of study, Universities students of Peshawar Region had been targeted. An example of 120 were chosen from three universities of Peshawar. These kinds of universities had been Preston College or university, Sarhad College or university and Metropolis University of Science and Information technology. Evaluation was done with the help of SPSS 19. Benefits of the study shows that buyer loyalty is far more dependent upon Customer satisfaction in comparison of customer preservation. Customer recognized value and customer perceived quality are the major factors which lead for the consumer loyalty of Universities pupils for mobile handsets.

Keywords and phrases: Customer Devotion, Customer Satisfaction, Buyer Retention.


In Market place the concept of buyer loyalty is a key factor. While making consumer dedicated toward an organization product is not an easy work. Customer loyalty plays an important role to obtain competitive benefit and maintain that. The main two variables Customer satisfaction and Client retention are incredibly important. The two of these variables will be depending on various other variables. Client satisfaction is depended on perceived quality and perceived value. Buyer retention depends on product qualities, customer romance and reliability.

Every company in the competitive market problems to maximize their particular profits. To allow them to maximize their profitability by giving attractive products to their devoted customers. Although there are a range of studies which usually exist regarding customer loyalty. It needs even more analysis to investigate the cellular handset industry in Pakistan with respect to Consumer loyalty. The purpose of this studies to analyze the role of customer satisfaction and retention in customer devotion in the portable handset market in Pakistan especially in KPK Peshawar. Studies bases on the framework that permits the marketers to decide that between customer retention and customer satisfaction which usually factor is more important and has higher influence about customer commitment.

ISSN: 2306-9007

Bagram & Khan (2012)




eview of

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ol. 1 ssue. 1

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Various researches make clear the word loyalty. According to Inamullah (2012) Customer commitment is the willingness of a customer to purchase similar product and maintain the same rewarding relationship having a particular firm. In other words, this the constant buying of someone for a particular firm brand and suggesting to additional friends and family. There should be something appealing in a brand which maintain a customer to obtain that merchandise over time frame without finding ant other competitor company. Previous studies have grouped customer loyalty into two parts. First part is consumer tendencies and the second part can be consumer frame of mind (GuillГ©n, Nielsen, Scheike & MarГ­n, 2011). Rauyruen and Miller (2007) describe in their study that customer commitment may be due to rational or either mental factors. Logical factors may be the characteristics in the product and emotions are definitely the feeling of someone. But though rationality perform more vital part inside the loyalty of your...

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ISSN: 2306-9007

Bagram & Khan (2012)

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