Living in the Countrysiden Metropolis Essay


In my opinion, I think lifestyle in the town is better than existence in the country side. Because I am just still young person, I'm active, so I need to live in an energetic environment to boost myself. There are many educational, medical, and transportation facilities. So that you will have various chance to pick. If you search for a good education, the city have better and more school, center than country area. In a big city, people can take the possibilities to study and work best. There are many good College or university choosing within a big metropolis. Moreover, at the time you graduate, additionally you find it better to find probabilities to get a good job with good salary, that is quite difficult in small cities or country sides. В There is a big offer how you can spend leisure time. If you look for a job, metropolis also have more big business, group to your choice. Presently there If you seek out entertainment, the city have movie theater and entertainment centers.... All other facilities like banking, nota, and telephone are easy available in a town. You will have different categories of entertainment in big urban centers, and satisfy many people. In country, however , the life span may be boring and quite, and you may only have a few neighbors. The opposite of city, the region side is less crowded and more deep breathing space. You cannot find any hurry or bustle of any city, you should not work 1 day. If the nation side, you possess a few terrain where you can increase your own foodstuff, then the region side may be the better place. In the furthermore, if the country side can be underdeveloped. In fact , I continue to like surviving in the city is superior to life in the area side. This will depend on your career and you personal preferences.


Alternatively, there are some disadvantages of residing in a big town. Cities are very crowded. Just about everywhere there are throngs: on the streets and in the buses. Furthermore, the visitors is large and city's car parks are always very full. Sometimes it is very hard to get from a given place to another. It may take hours! And it follows to...

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