Urban Consolidation and Environmental Sustainability Essay

City consolidation is actually a rising issue in amny capitals and could have got a remarkable effect on the environmental sustainability of Australian towns in the close to and distant future. " Urban loan consolidation policies focus on increasing enclosure densities inside the large metropolitan areas to produce more compact development, short travel ranges and less reliance on automobiles. ” (Forster 2004, p. 171). Some of the main negative problems that is due to urban consolidation are a drop in value of pre-existing suburban real estate, an overload of community resources in over-crowded metropolitan areas and traffic and transport inconviences. There are many benefits to urban loan consolidation which require lower short-term envirnomental effects and substantial levels of convience, but concurrently there are many drawbacks which are discussed in this essay.

The plans of metropolitan consolidation are surrounded by the idea of building significant cities in excess, rather than outwards. This means that they are really focussing in constructing multi-story facilities near to the centre from the cities. " more compact advancement would decrease the rate where urban expansions consumes great agricultral area and intends sensitive natural environments” (Forster 2004, s. 171). Existing housing downtown housing and facilities must be demolished for making way for fresh high rise structures. This suggests that for most australians with worked hard to buy/own their own home in the inner suberbs of major metropolitan areas, it will be a struggle for them, due to the fact that their house/dwelling or home will reduction in value.

While the population raises, the total of vehicles raises aswell. " In 1945 there are 100 autos per 1000 people, simply by 1970 there were almost 500 cars every 1000 people”(Forster 2004, p. 17), this will likely cause traffic congestion within the urban centers. As a result of traffic congestion, pollution levels will increase. This will negatively impact peoples health and well being. Along with the inconviences of downtown...

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